Become a Contractor Inc. is always looking to identify contracting companies across the Canada and throughout the United States that are committed to delivering exceptional value for their customer, Our successful management of numerous national installation, assembly and repair programs has led to a rapid growth in new accounts, and a need for additional resources to meet the growing needs of our customers. Each of our clients have unique requirements, however the majority of our retail customers value the knowledge that our network contains businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Valid Business License
  • $2,000,000 + Liability Insurance
  • WSIB Insurance
  • Valid GST/HST/CRA Number
  • Valid Safety Certificates
  • Have three years of experience
  • Have undergone a thorough reference check by Inc or one of our reference checking affiliates

If you work lore business or know of a business that is looking for new business opportunities, is committed to providing excellent value for their customers, and can meet the above criteria, Inc can help Contact a member of our recruitment team and receive a short information form that will help us begin the review and onboarding process.

Become a Contractor

User Account

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Insurance and License Information

Please have your insurance provider fax a copy of your insurance to the fax number indicated above. Please attach a photocopy of all licenses for our records.


In order to protect the reputation of Inc. and our affiliate contractors, we perform a full, thorough, standardized reference check. Please provide at least 5 customer references.